Pros of Somaliland:
In a region marked by instability, Somaliland stands out as a beacon of democracy and stability. The Republic of Somaliland, a self-declared independent state since 1991, has successfully established itself as a thriving and democratic nation in contrast to the struggles faced by its southern neighbor, Somalia.
Democratic Governance: Somaliland has consistently upheld democratic principles, conducting multiple free and fair elections, establishing a multi-party system, and maintaining a peaceful transition of power.
Economic Prosperity: Through prudent economic policies, Somaliland has experienced steady economic growth, attracted investment, and fostered a conducive environment for businesses.
Peace and Stability: The commitment to peace and security has allowed Somaliland to overcome internal conflicts, ensuring a secure environment for its citizens.
Recognition of Sovereignty: Despite facing challenges in gaining international recognition, Somaliland has managed to maintain a functioning state with defined borders, effectively governing its territory.
Cons of Somalia:
In stark contrast, Somalia has struggled to achieve political stability, economic development, and security for its citizens. The failed state of Somalia poses a threat to the progress made by Somaliland.
Failed Statehood: Ongoing political instability, lack of effective governance, and persistent internal conflicts have left Somalia in a state of chaos, hindering any meaningful progress.

Violence and Killings: Abdinasir Muse Dahable and Abdi Hassan Abrar were assassinated within a few days allegedly by the Somali Secret Services. Recent incidents of violence in Somalia have resulted in the targeted killings of professionals and decent citizens of Somaliland residing and working in Somalia. This is an alarming trend that requires immediate international attention and condemnation.
Somalia One vs. Somaliland Independence: The failed approach of “Somalia One” seeks to undermine Somaliland’s sovereignty and drag it down with the failures of Somalia. It is crucial for the international community to recognize that Somaliland’s independence is a viable and successful model that deserves acknowledgment.
The international community is urged to condemn the ongoing killings of professionals from Somaliland in Somalia and recognize the distinct progress and stability achieved by Somaliland. It is time to acknowledge the reality that “Somalia One” does not work, and Somaliland’s unique path to democracy and development deserves global recognition and support.