The Republic of Somaliland stands for peace and is opposed to any form of ideology that includes violence and extremism in any form


We wish to first state unequivocally, the Republic of Somaliland is not seeking to instigate controversy; rather, we find ourselves confronted by it.

The purpose of this statement and corresponding video is to make clear to the world the dangers presented to Somaliland and the region by the aggressive and virulent ideology of Somali Weyn/Greater Somalia or One Somalia policy.

This video clip, recorded in Minneapolis, MN, contains similar sentiments previously expressed by a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives, but in a more organic and violent form, complete with the invocation of Jihad and the explicit promise of funding from within the United States. The message is intended for Somalia’s President and anyone who share similar beliefs.

Ironically, the ideology of One Somalia/Greater Somalia does not stop there. It is also pervasive within the corridors of power in Washington DC.

According to public information, the Somalian government, through its embassy in Washington, DC, and like-minded Somali American corporations registered in Minnesota, have financially supported this philosophy, hiring a lobbying company in Washington DC to advocate a milder version known as “One Somalia.” Eventually the truth always comes out. The lobbying firm in question is Von Batten-Montague-York.

Federally mandated quarterly filings available to the public, indicate various financial sources, over hundreds of thousands of dollars from among others, the Somalian Embassy in DC and an organization registered in Minnesota, under the name “United Somali Alliance.” Those in doubt, or anyone else who wants to fully understand what “United Somalia” means, simply watch this video in its entirety.

Strangely, within a few minutes of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s speech, the lobbying firm through their twitter account, were quick to distance themselves from her speech.

We hope, this statement addresses the Greater Somalia ideology peddled by the government of Somalia and its lobbying partners along Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as the ramifications for the entire Horn of Africa if it is implemented. Further denial is no longer a viable or practicable option.

Lastly, we cannot emphasize enough, The Republic of Somaliland stands for peace and is opposed to any form of ideology that includes violence and extremism in any form. The people of Somaliland strive to coexist with all neighbors in a peaceful, stable and prosperous Horn of Africa that is free of past Somalia irredentism and hate.