Somalia is subversively undermining Somaliland-Ethiopia MoU in cahoots with al-Shabaab, says Minister Kahin


The government of Somaliland has accused the Somali government of Mogadishu of organizing concerted efforts and plans against the agreement reached by Somaliland and Ethiopia.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed was on Thursday categorical that Somalia is plotting subversions to undermine the agreement, and that they are allied with terrorist groups.

“We are vivid that the authorities of Mogadishu, themselves, have entered into secret military and maritime agreements with the Ethiopian government, in which they have not yet disclosed to their own people the official details of the contents of those agreements”, he said.

He noted that the Somalia government is fighting tooth and nail in efforts to undermine the MoU that Somaliland and Ethiopia struck, especially in the media and diplomatic fronts.

He said, “The government of Somalia is deliberately, and not secretly, conducting propaganda and organized war in Somaliland, which they are openly cooperating with the federal government of Somalia, and the Al-Shabaab organization”, and added, “the Federal government media and that of al-Shabaab have joined forces and are now in cahoots”.

He said that a secret agreement was brought before the Somali parliament recently struck between the Somali defense minister and his Ethiopian counterpart.

“It was brought before the Somali Parliament, an agreement that the Minister of Defense of Somalia entered into with the Ministry of Defense of Ethiopia, which is to cooperate in matters of the sea and the land. This agreement is secretly hidden from their own Somali community,” said Mohamed Kaahin.

The minister made the nation’s historical perspective as a sovereign country clear hence reminded all that Somaliland upon attaining its independence entered a voluntary union with the ill-fated former Somalia regime and later on justifiably reverted to its sovereignty.

He pointed out that what Somaliland did was nothing new but belligerently as others before it, the country dissolved the union just as Senegambia (Senegal and Gambia), Egypt n Syria, Ethiopia and Eritrea etc did before.

Of note are countries like Sudan Timor and others which saw it best to separate.

The minister underpinned the fact that as for severing the union with Somalia and reverting to the prior 1960 sovereignty status, Somaliland was justified and needed no coercion from any quarters to divert the aspirations of its subjects.

He called on the people of Somaliland to be ready to defend their country and their people.

He said, “I call on the people of Somaliland to prepare for the defense of their nation, their lives, and their wealth. Somaliland and Somalia should be the neighbourly countries that they are”