Somaliland and Ethiopia Inks MoU for partnership and cooperation

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) and the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi have signed a historical agreement in Addis Ababa today.
The cooperation and partnership agreement signed by the government of FDRE and the government of Somaliland will be a framework for their relationship in different sectors.
This communication document will make Ethiopia’s desire to get a sea gate, widen the sea gate options, strengthen the political, diplomacy, security and economic cooperation between the two sides.
The document also includes a way to strengthen the relationship between politics and diplomacy. This communication document reaffirms the Ethiopian government’s principle of accepting what they give and working with its neighbors for mutual benefit.
This document will open a new chapter of cooperation and is of great importance to the Horn of Africa. Also the document creates a better chance for Ethiopia to play the role it deserves in the peace and security of the region.