Information minister pledges to fledge the services of the ministry


I will uplift the image of the ministry, its equipments and plans during my watch, says Minister Ali Marehaan.

By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance of the Republic of Somaliland Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali-Marehaan) has reiterated the importance and the need of the ministry in bolstering national stability, cohesion and defense in bolstering nationhood.

He made the sentiments as he met the ministry’s departmental heads soon after taking over the helm of the ministry in a bid to revitalize the services it renders to the mainstream public.

The minister pledged that he will work towards bolstering the services given to the nation especially in as far as national guidance is concerned and termed the ministry as being the nation’s main ambassador.

He pointed out that the main responsibility of the ministry is to protect the country against those who attack it by defending it literary.

Speaking about the matter, the Minister said, “In essence we ought to be on guard and be diligent in our call of duty hence insulate ourselves by disseminating good and positive news to friends and foes, within the country and abroad, hence defend the nation to the hilt”.

He also reminded the staffers the long and cultural history the ministry has in the country given that it was incepted 81 years ago and had the first ver radio station delivering news and literal culture to the Somali speakers the world over.

He gave the example of celebrated poet Ahmed Suleiman Bidde who was present, and whose works in the cultural artistry and poetry has been on for the past seven decades.

“There is a great walking history here in the person of Ahmed Suleiman Bidde, who is the history of Somali art and culture. This ministry has 70 years of what he has done. The Ministry of Information is on the one hand a museum, on the other hand it a complete history with the members of the public acknowledging those who have generated the inputs”.

He noted, “Radio Hargeisa is located in this ministry, which has been operating for 81 years, and is the first radio station that speaks Somali. This is where Somali art was founded. So this is where modern Somali language and literature are taught from other Somalis”.

On his revitalization plans, Hon. Ali said, “I will just try to supplement on the works already done. Since the ministry is the reflection of the national image, the working area should be more beautiful than other areas, and the working equipment should be more modern than other tools. We will try to work together in raising the Ministry of Information’s image, pride, equipment, beauty and plans during this period”.