Somaliland National AIDS Commission Plans to Cooperate with Neighbouring Countries to Fight the HIV/AIDS Scourge


By Guled Maher

The Director of public awareness at SOLNAC Mr. Mohamed Haji Yassin has confirmed that their organisation was planning to enact policies that will minimize the spread of the deadly scourge HIV/AIDS.

He stated that cross border checks of people were one way of controlling affected persons with AIDS from moving into Somaliland and vice versa.

The head of awareness campaign department at SOLNAC revealed this during an interview with our DAWAN journalist.

He confirmed to our reporter that HIV/AIDS has increased in the country and pointed out that his institution was at hand to constantly give needed services and counselling on ways and means of managing the disease and containing the malaise from spreading further.

The director said “It’s our responsibility as SOLNAC to make sure people living with HIV/AIDS receive their medications and are assisted in any appropriate manner. The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has put this policy at the forefront of his manifesto.”

The Director of public awareness campaigns at SOLNAC stated that their organisation will continue sensitization of the masses of the dangers of all sexual transmitted diseases put much emphasis on HIV/AIDS.

He confirmed that the commission headquarters is ready for marking of The World HIV/AIDS day on 1st December 2023. “It’s an important day, we want people living with HIV/AIDS not to feel stigmatized hence understand the mainstream members of the public understand their plight and by thus aid in controlling the disease”, he said.


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