Police caution the people on flash floods due to heavy rains


By M.A. Egge

The police headquarters have warned of dangerous flash floods countrywide following heavy down powers that I expected to continue for a while.

It is worth noting that the decades-seasonal El-nino rains has been witnessed in Africa and beyond with catastrophic effects.

In the background of the rains, the Somaliland National Police has given an advisory through its press office to caution the members of the public to maximum take care and avoid points that are prone to strong currents and similarly warned motorists to take utmost care.

The public advisory notice said;

“As you may be aware it is a rainy season that can have devastating effects that can be catastrophic hence we are informing all the people of the Republic of Somaliland in all the regions, districts, coastal and rural areas to stay away from the valleys, forests, electric poles and lines, and general drainage areas”.

It continued, “We are also instructing the drivers to show more caution and avoid speeding while adhering to Road Security Enforcement (Traffic) rules. We are also informing the people of Somaliland that the security forces are on alert; in case of emergencies people should call the police number 999 / 520175 -Press Office Somaliland National Police Force”.

Two days ago a van has been reported in the media to have been swept away from the city by the Hargeisa river with the three occupants in it feared dead.

Rains in the country have historically been causing havoc.

Neighbouring countries and others in Eastern Africa are currently reeling from devastating flash floods from the heavy downpours.


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