Tog-Wajale contributions underway, as over 2m USD realized so far


By M.A. Egge

The government of the Republic of Somaliland, commercial companies, and the civic authorities of the country have announced various amounts of money raised for the burnt market of Tog-Wajaale district of Gabiley region.

The market which burned down on the 18th of last month has been evaluated to have lost 5.3m USD in losses.

Almost funds to the tune of 2 and a quarter million USD has so far been ralized for its reconstruction.

The government of Somaliland has announced that it will contribute $600,000 dollars (Six hundred thousand dollars) to the cause.

The Association of Local Governments of Somaliland handed over $600,000 to the committee assigned by the Somaliland government to do the fundraising.

So far the Dahabshiil company has announced that it will contribute $300,000 to the relief effort, while the telecommunications company Telesom has promised pledged a sum of $150,000.

The Tog-Wajaale City Board of Trade has also revealed that they will pay $500,000 thousand dollars, and the mayor of Wajaale District on the neighbouring Ethiopian side has paid 100,000 Birr of Ethiopian currency.

Thus amount that has been raised so far is $2,150,000 dollars and 100,000 Birr.

The damage caused by the burnt market in Wajale was estimated at $5,300,000.

It expected that several major companies and entrepreneurs will in due course join in the efforts to the course. So too are members of the public expected to do the same, a reminiscent of the efforts directed towards the reconstruction of the razed down waheen market in Hargeisa, albeit to a smaller extent.

Foreign affairs meet on accountability and revitalization of tasks

Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a wide ranging meeting on accountability and acceleration of work duties within the departments of the ministry.

Chaired by the Director General, Mr. Saed Ahmed Abdikarim, all the departmental and sectional heads attended the meeting whose main purpose was to take stock, assess the plans of the ministry and accelerate the work of the departments in the year 2023, which is in its last three months.

He urged all the staffers to step up diligence and activities in their hands as well as those planned for their departments, as the year is coming to an end.



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