The Civil Service Commission suspends Togdeer governor’s directive on salaries deduction of employees

  • By M.A. Egge

The Chairman of the Somaliland Civil Service Commission (CSC) Mr. Khalid Jama Qodah has stopped the Togdeer governor from deducting salaries of employees irregularly.

Terming the move by the Togdeer governor as arbitrary and irregular, the CSC chief released a press circular saying that there was a regulatory due process to be followed when deducting salaries of employees, and in this case it was not followed hence was illegal.

He said that the only two ways binding in such deductions has one entailing a legally applicable procedural rule and the second one leans on the consent of the employee.

The move by the Togdeer governor to make the deductions through a letter that was copied to the finance minister, accountant general, the central bank governor and all others concerned did not follow the procedures and as such it was rendered null and void according to the CSC letter dated 24th of September 2023.

On the other hand the CSC noted that, a labor institution, Chairman Qodah is fully in support of the national army and all associated efforts to bolster their needs but at the same the CSC has the incumbency of following the stipulated rules and regulations and seeing to it that due processes are adhered to the letter as mandated.


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