Taiwanese President lauds Edna Adan for her fete at international award ceromony


By M.A. Egge

The President of Taiwan Mrs. Tsai Ing-wen praised the performance of Edna Adan who was awarded a national award in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese president who met 21 winners this year from all over the world said that the interesting stories of their lives will reach many people around the world to get inspiration from them.

She thanked the Zhou Daguan Foundation for Culture and Education for organizing the 26th International Love Life Medal, and lauded the recipients of the award.

“The 21 winners this year have overcome many difficulties and obstacles, not only for personal achievements, but the ideas they advocate have also brought about change in their countries and communities,” said Tsai Ing-Wen.

She singled out Edna Aden Ismail from Somaliland noting that the recipient built a modern hospital hence worked hard to reduce the death of mothers and babies, which changed the fate of many people.


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