The Dahabshil Group calls on the community and the youth to become Peace protectors


Dahabshil CEO Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Saeed called on the graduates to work for peace and the development of the country depends on it.

Mr. Abdirashid, who spoke at the graduation ceremony of the students of Amoud University, said that if there is no peace, there will be no progress.

He said, “The knowledge you have learned has contributed to peace, if there is no peace there will be education.”

Dahabshil CEO, who continued to talk about the importance of peace, added,

“If there is no peace, there is no business. The future is peace.

He called for everyone to work together for peace, and no individual should be held responsible.

“Every place, every region has a special responsibility. A person who rejects peace is someone who wants to destroy the future.

Mr. Abdirashid thanked the graduates who numbered 1034, their parents and the teachers who taught them knowledge.




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