Traditional leaders appeal for calmness and stability


By M.A. Egge

A cross-section of traditional leaders of different cadres from Moroodi-jeeh and Awdal regions have appealed for peaceful stability following the violent incident of clashes at Ga’an Libaah mountains that claimed many lives.

The traditional leaders who spoke to the media at both Hargeisa and Borama cities called for the need to safe guard stability, unity, and the imperativeness of addressing issues through dialogue.

They suggested to all the communities of Somaliland to work together and in concerted efforts in settling disputes and conflicts.

They sent their condolences to the family members and relatives of the recently slain policemen.

The asked the rebellious gunmen to disband their group such that no further chaos may occur.

They said that support should be given to bolster concerted efforts exerted to address the matter in bringing peaceful stability.


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