FIMO and UNSOM Collaborate to Empower Female Journalists Through Social Media Training



HARGEISA — The Female In Media Organization (FIMO), in partnership with UNSOM, has initiated a capacity-building training program tailored for 25 female journalists drawn from the Marodijeh and Awdal regions. The training program, spanning three days, aims to equip these journalists with essential skills and tools to harness the full potential of social media platforms for effective journalism.

The opening of the training took place in Hargeisa, on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, under the auspices of the Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Awareness of Somaliland. The training event gathers experts, trainers, and participants from various backgrounds, united in their dedication to advancing the role of women in media.

Participants will undergo a comprehensive training curriculum, designed to foster a deep understanding of social media dynamics, news broadcasting techniques, and impactful message dissemination strategies. This hands-on training approach is a hallmark of FIMO’s commitment to practical skill development.

Experts from both FIMO and UNSOM are leading the training sessions, ensuring that participants gain insights into the nuances of modern media landscapes while also learning how to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by social media in journalism.
“Empowering female journalists is not only about enabling them to master technical tools; it’s also about creating a supportive network and fostering a space for their voices to be heard,” stated, Saynab Mohamed Abdi, director of FIMO, during the opening ceremony.

Saeed Habane, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Awareness of Somaliland added, “This training initiative by FIMO and UNSOM marks a significant step towards providing our female journalists with the tools they need to excel in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. Equipping them with social media skills, will not only enhancing their professional capabilities but it will enable them to contribute to more inclusive and diverse narratives.”

FIMO’s role in this initiative aligns with their broader mission to champion gender equality in media and promote women’s participation in shaping narratives and driving conversations. By partnering with a prominent international entity like UNSOM, FIMO aims to magnify the impact of such initiatives and bring about a meaningful change in the field of journalism in Somaliland.

As the training unfolds, it is anticipated that the participating journalists will emerge not only with enhanced technical capabilities but also with a deeper sense of empowerment, ready to carve their paths in the dynamic world of modern media. This collaborative effort sets a promising precedent for future endeavors aimed at fostering a diverse and inclusive media landscape that accurately represents the perspectives and contributions of all segments of society.


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