Awdal governor region suspends hiked fees imposed on private school students


By M.A. Egge

The Governor of Awdal region Mr. Hassan Dahir Hadi has suspended the new rates of school fees imposed on students by private primary and secondary schools in Awdal region.

The move was reached after a lengthy discussion was held with the concerned heads of the private school in the region.

What came to light was the fact that in the meantime the newly hiked tuition fees would be burdensome and may elicit insecurity, according to the chairman of the private schools owners association Mr. Mustafa Mohamud Allabari, something he said they would not like to occur.

Whereas the meeting understandably opted to continue the talks on the issue, it was agreed that it be suspended.

It is expected that when they meet again next week an ample decision will be reached that would be amicable

Mr. Mustafa said that they do not allow anything that burdens the parents and students, and can create insecurity.

The governor thanked the principals for responding to the call on the matter and expressed the concerns on the hiked tuition and its potential burden.


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