Burao: Needy families get new 136 homes


By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Agency handed over 136 houses to needy families living in Burao.

These houses, totaling 136 houses, were donated to some of the IDP camps in the town.

The project was jointly funded by the UNHCR, with the NRC implementing it, and the involvement of the Refugee Agency in the project.

Similar projects have been done in Hargeisa and Borama.

An event held for the transfer of the houses was attended by the chairman of the national organization for refugees and displaced persons Mr. Abdikarin Ahmed Mohamed (Hinif), Muhammad Hassan Jama (Hoday), the deputy mayor of Togdheer region, and the mayor of Burao.

The transfer of these houses was also witnessed by officials by the UNHCR and NRC, as well as the director of the displacement department of the Somaliland refugee agency, Mohamud Yusuf Ali, and its adviser Hassan Abdi Madar.

The houses were built for the displaced people living in the three camps namely 18 May, Guryo-samo, and Alla Amin in the town of Burao.

Mr. Abdikarim said that the things that the agencies are doing are not just spontaneous but are through the government’s efforts.

He pointed out that when the UNHCR team came, they chose to build these houses in Burao, and they evaluated the three camps where they built 136 houses.

Mohamud Yusuf Ali, the director of the displaced persons department of the Somaliland refugee agency noted that the displaced families were handed over 136 houses that were built for them

He said that the project was going on in the three cities of Hargeisa, Burao, and Borama as per the national plan for IDPs.

“This project was jointly funded by the UNHCR, and the NRC, which was implementing it, and the refugee agency, and Somaliland national IDPs, which was in its plan,” he said.



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