Claims of expired licenses of political organizations are false, says registration committee official


By M.A. Egge

Eng Muhyidin Yusuf Ibrahin who is one of the members of the national committee for registration of political organizations and approval of national parties said that there is no license of political organizations in Somaliland that has expired.

He lamented that falsehoods and baseless claims has been recently doing the rounds in the media making the allegations.

He cautioned the media fraternity to desist from such misinformation and disinformation forthwith.

Mr. Muhyadin who spoke to the media reminded them of the chores and duties of his organization and recalled the steps in the process of verifying the ten political organizations which have been cleared to compete for the three top lots of the officialdom of the mandated political parties.

He recalled that as per the procedures of the electioneering processes for political organizations, two stages are has to be passed by the aspiring political organizations.

He explained, “The registration of Political Organizations goes through two stages, the first stage is that of application followed by the second one of base set-ups and soliciting for a thousand supporters from all of the major regions of the country”.

He noted that the committee criss-crossed the country to verify the requirements.

He said that of the initial 15 organizations that applied for the process, only ten emerged at last establish the organization.

He elaborated on the fact that for the gruesome stages to be undergone, mobilization and set-up temporary licenses of 6 months were given and that upon the completion of the exercises the emerged 10 organizations that were verified and cleared to officially enter the political parties national elections were given their certifications in November 2022.

The registration and verification committee then forwarded the same to the national elections commission.

Of note, Mr. Muhyadin pointed out that the three existing political parties who would be in the band to defend their officialdom had presented their papers to the committee as per regulations.

In total, thirteen political groups are thus the bonafied competitors in the duel for contesting for the mandated only three official political parties as per the constitution for tenure of the next 10 years.

He called upon the media and members of the general public to be conversant with the constitutions of the land.


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