Projects Implemented in Hargeisa Airport Opened


The Minister of Financial Development, Saad Ali Shire, and the Director of Aviation and Airports, Omar Sayed Abdilahi, yesterday inaugurated the projects and services implemented at the Igal International Airport in Hargeisa.

The Director of Somaliland Airports and Aviation Agency, Omar Sayed Abdilahi, who spoke there, said that the project costing 600,000 dollars. He said, “We want the Hargeisa Airport to be in line with those of the world. The cost of the projects we have cut is 600,000 dollars, which is not a small task. When we talk about the Airport, we start with the offices abroad that we have established. Somaliland banks and airlines are taking a lot of burden off the airport. Because the airport has expanded, the number of passengers has increased, and we have expanded the baggage claim hall and the screening machine.

Minister of Finance Saad Ali Shire who made a speech there said that something practical has been implemented at Hargeisa Airport.

He said, “We are happy to participate in these projects and services that have been added to Hargeisa Airport, and I congratulate the aviation authorities who have made significant changes at Hargeisa Airport.”

The Governor of the Central Bank and the Deputy Ministers of the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs who made a speech pointed out that the projects implemented at the Hargeisa airport are among the progress made by the nation.


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