Sen. Oliver Cadic Deputy Chairman of French Foreign Affairs Senate Committee Arrives in Somaliland


By M.A. Egge

The Deputy Chairman of the French senate committee for foreign affairs, defense and armed forces Sen. Olivier Cadic is in the country.

He jetted in on Monday 3rd July ad was received at Egal International Airport by Hon. Abdilqadir Mohamed Hassan Indo-indo who is the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Somaliland Senate (the GUURTI) and MP Salah Ismail Diriye from the lower House of Representatives.

The trip of the French senator happens to be a maiden one since this is the first time he is visiting Somaliland. He happens to be amongst the European politician who are pro Somaliland and subscribe to the country’s aspirations and cause.

He has previously met Somaliland officials and politicians in France and had pledged to visit Somaliland, a move he has just done.

Sen. Olivier Cadic who spoke about his visit to the country thanked the members of the National Assembly and the government officials for their warm welcome, and said that he will hold various meetings with various parties.

He said, “I will have a meeting with the President and other heads of Somaliland and national councils and we will discuss the issues of security, economy, and other issues that strengthen the relationship between Somaliland and France”.

While welcoming Sen. Olivier, Hon Abdilqadir said that Sen. Olivier would meet with leaders and government officials.

At the same reception MP Salah said, “We are welcoming at Hargeisa airport a gentleman from the French parliament is one of the parliamentarians we met in Europe last year”.


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