Workshop on regulations of environmental and wildlife protection launched


By M.A.Egge

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has convened workshop to address strategic policies to regulate environmental and wildlife protection against misdemeanors such as degradation of forests and poaching respectively.

This is in essence bringing together concerted efforts in bolstering the tasks of the environmental protection unit.

Somaliland’s local crime fighting unit of the protection of the environment consists of stake-holding parts of the ministries, and line government agencies that cooperate with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

The line agencies concerned are drawn from the ministry itself, the interior ministry, the different arms of all the security agencies, and the justice department including the attorney general’s office.

The purpose of this training is to focus on the conservation of wildlife, as it is a resource of the country and how to work together.

While opening the forum on Wednesday the Director General of the ministry of environmental affairs and climate change Mr. Mohamed Abdillahi Duale encouraged the participants to benefit from the knowledge and the lessons they will learn from the training.

The director emphasized on the need and importance of working together in concerted efforts to find regulatory rules and laws to aid in impeding and curtailing culprits in the from indulging in poaching and environmental degradation.

He encouraged stiff penalties as a good measure to halt the misdemeanor.



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