Hostile reporting by Aljazeera undermines Somaliland integrity


I had a lot of confidence in Al Jazeera television watching its news and other programs that it broadcasts, and I was one of hundreds of Somaliland people who regularly connected to AJ News.

Unfortunately, when Somaliland was attacked by combined allied groups, which include Al shabaab terrorists, the Puntland army, and combatants from Sool groups who were misled against the Somaliland national forces.

The government showed much restraint and has been calling for ceasefire and proposed seven times to resolve the conflict through dialogue.

The military were ordered not to attack but to defend themselves from the attacks of the allied groups.

But sadly, the Sool traditional leaders have every time rejected any dialogue or mediation of the conflict. Even a mediation dialogue that the international community proposed, led by Ethiopia was rejected.

Though they principally accepted another mediation team from Somalia, they have just refused it being initiated.

To my surprise, I have just seen an article published on Al Jazeera’s website which totally lacks the ethical impartiality known of Al Jazeera’s media coverage.

In the articles below, the writer not only takes on partial view but even made exaggerations- (when did Al Jazeera become a vessel of spreading lies).

Even if the writer Mohammed Haji – a stringer- knowingly spread the lie, where is the role of verification of the Al Jazeera editor.

Wouldn’t it matter accepting biased article?

In two articles written by Mohammed Haji about the conflict in Las Anod, (whose neutrality in the dispute is already in question, and in favor of only one side- see below his tweets) the parties he chose as experts corroborating the view were all supporters of the elders of the Sool region.

They all have similar stances. The real corroboration or dissenting view would have been co-opted if the writer would have interviewed or solicited expert enlighten from the Somaliland perspective.

In the strongest terms possible I register strong objections to such misreporting and distortion of facts, as I perceive, for certain tailored ends to the detriment of the people and country of Somaliland.

The people and nation of Somaliland, in the same breath seek explanations from Aljazeera.

I deem Aljazeera as a foe in the fight, given the conduct of their distortion and misrepresentation of facts.

The Aljazeera fraternity should come out clean and own the ethical misdeameanor committed by their stringer/staffer, unless the media house is itself perpetrating hidden agenda or fronting for the undermining campaigns against the Republic of Somaliland.

A response from Al Jazeera is what I am looking forward to will restore my confidence and that of hundreds of AJ NEWS followers both inside and outside Somaliland and the world in general who used to consume the neutral news and programs of Al Jazeera English.

Regards- M. Ali

See below the evidence of the people interviewed in the two articles that refer to the experts, all are Sool Elders supporters, thus the groups that attacked Somaliland.

The writer whose neutrality in the dispute is already in question, and in favor of only one side- see below his twit;

Markus Hoehne: Supported so-called uprising SSC

Faisal Roble: (Denier of Colonial borders 53 African Union member states & UN accepts)

Garaad Mukhtaar: Spokesperson of Elders and SSC militia attacked Somaliland force (clearly stating we built Somaliland prior and bring down





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