National Committee for Preparation of 18th May Independence Day


By Guleid Mahir

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed who is the Chairman of National Committee for Preparation of 18th May Independence Day urged Somaliland citizens to participate in the celebrations.

He also requested members of the public to maintain peace and order. Hon, Kahin stated that citizens should be wary of incidents that may cause insecurity.

Addressing members of the general public, the Minister of information, culture and national guidance Hon.Suleiman Ali Koore and his foreign affairs counterpart Dr.Issa Keyd Mohamud urged the members of the public to come out in large numbers to sanctify the important national day, which marks the 32nd anniversary Somaliland regained back her independence from the despotic regime of Colonel Mohamed Siad Barre of Somalia, after severing the ill-fated union.

The people of Somaliland lost many of their kinsmen during the second liberation struggle.

The day is usually celebrated with much fanfares in the country and abroad to commemorate the freedom gained and honouring those who sacrificed their lives for a free Somaliland.

In related development, all regional and district administrations have formed committees to prepare for this great national day.


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