The Somali government admits radical clan leaders are responsible for the fighting in the town of Las Anod


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Somali government has said that the traditional leaders are responsible for the people fleeing the city and current fighting in the city of Las Anod

Somalia has for the first time publicly acknowledged the radical clan leaders and Anti-Somaliland groups, including Darood tribal militias from Somalia and Ethiopia, and Puntland are responsible for latest skirmishes in Las Anod.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Federal Government of Somalia, Hon. Salah Ahmed Jama declared that the leaders of Somaliland are not responsible for the ongoing war in Las Anod during a meeting to welcome the newly appointed Somalia’s new representative for the stalled Somaliland talks.

In his speech, Hon. Salah said at the meeting that Somaliland politicians are not responsible for the Las Anod wars. He clearly stated, “The failure that led to the fighting and displacement of thousands of Las Anod residents was not the workings of Somaliland’s politicians and academics.

Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Hon. Salah openly criticized the radical clan elders in Las Anod for having rejected the numerous calls for a ceasefire. He further added “It is a failure from the cultural side, and it is a failure from the neighbors wherever they are.”

On the other hand, Mr. Saleh said that the Somali government is not ready to find a solution for a particular region.

This statement is a clear testimony to the previous statement by the Somaliland government that the traditional leaders of Las Anod started the wars in the city.


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