The people and the government should unite in defense of national integrity, says Bashir Abdi Harir


Politician Bashir Abdi Harir, one of Somaliland’s leading politicians, spoke about the situation in the city of Lasaanood, the capital of the Sool region, and urged the Somaliland community, in general, to unite to restore peaceful stability.

He said that the situation in Las Anod is no longer a case of a disgruntled section of a community but has indeed become an issue at the heart of the national sovereignty and integrity that is at stake owing to the foreign invasion going on.

“I am telling the people of Somaliland about the situation in the country and the issues of Lasanood. At first, it started with a conflict between ourselves in the Lasanood district but now it has instead crossed the border and has become a foreign invasion of the country targeting its nationhood”, lamented Bashir.

He continued, “Today, hundreds and hundreds of armed forces with technical armaments are crossing into the border, marching in processions, also on foot and in public transport, fanning a war.”

“I repeat once more that the people of Somaliland should prepare for the defense of the country and repulse the enemy invasion”, he said while appealing for national cohesion.


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