President inaugurates the Berbera Economic Free Zone market


By M.A. Egge

President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi said that the government has done everything to strengthen the business environment in Somaliland, and how to make it stronger by bolstering its facilitation.

The Head of State who gave a speech at the opening of the Berbera Economic Free Zone development market said that it is a progressive opportunity related to the previously established ones in the modernization of the Berbera Port, the airport and the highway road connecting Berbera and Wajaale (Berbera Corridor).

He said that the infrastructures costing hundreds of millions of US dollars were all implemented by the government of the United Arab Emirates led by the DP World.

“We are very grateful to the government of the United Arab Emirates and its people, who showed us brotherhood and support. The people of Somaliland respect and are greatly indebted to the gesture of the Emirates to the country”, he said.

The construction and modernization of the port are ensconced with the international standard management knowledge that would be imparted to Somaliland youth in the near future.

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The president said that the projects implemented in Berbera would make it capable of being a port that can compete with the international ones that serve the region and all the landlocked countries of the African continent.

He said, “The projects implemented in Berbera make the port capable of serving the region and countries that do not have ports on our continent, and it is a historic step taken by the government towards the implementation of the national development plan (NDP 1, 2, & 3)”.

He added, “The opening of this market will create opportunities for businesses, job creation, technical, administrative, services, integration and cooperation in the world”.

He said he welcomes anyone who has invested in Berbera Port, Berbera Economic Market, and also Somaliland in general.

“The government has left no stone unturned to strengthen the conducive business environment that has been implemented throughout Somaliland and how to make it stronger”, he said. He ended, “I am especially grateful to those national heroes deserving praise who put their lives in line such that peace, development and progress may be achieved as depicted here”.

Amongst those who graced the event are the Speaker of the Upper House of the Parliament (the GUURTI), the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, some members of the Cabinet, MPs, the chairman of DP-world, representatives of various companies that have signed up for this free market.

Also present were heads of various international organizations, the Sahel regional administration, a cross-section of the country’s mayors, the Somaliland Ports Manager and Board of Directors of the Free Zone and Ports Authority, local business fraternity, traditional leaders and several other eminent personalities.

Both the head of the IFFCO Company, Mr. Abdul Jabbar and Liz Lloyd, and that of the British International Investment Company (BII), welcomed the free trade center that was implemented in the port city of Berbera and noted that the project is a new opportunity to attract Somaliland. potential international investors.

They expressed their satisfaction with the free market implemented in the outskirts of Berbera declaring that they will of practically use the free market zone facility.

Minister of Finance Development Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire, explained in depth the importance of this free market and how it promotes investment in the country.

The Chairman of DP-world Mr. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem described the completion of the free market as a long-awaited success for the Republic of Somaliland, underlining that it will boost its national business activities.


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