Minister of Information Confirms Government Efforts to Bring Peace in Las Anod


Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance Hon. Suleiman Ali Koore has confirmed that the government was working tirelessly to bring peace in Sool region.

He was speaking in an event graced by traditional elders, intellectuals, government officials and cream of the society.

Minister Suleiman revealed that rebuilding of Somaliland took a lot of effort and overwhelming challenges had to overcome.

He stated “I went to Las Anod with some cabinet members and our mission was to mobilise the national voters registration exercise, however the situation on the ground changed rapidly into a war zone.”

He said “I’m from Sool region and a minister in this government, I can attest the the authorities urged the army to stay out of areas inhabited by people and move back to their barracks”.

The information minister confirmed that the war in Las Anod was plotted outside the country. He said that the people of Somaliland are peace loving and those causing chaos in Las Anod working for the enemy.

The minister said, “I have been in the country for the past 32 years, some traditional elders in Sool may be unaware of many factual things. I can unequivocally confirm that the government of Somaliland only wants the best for the people of Las Anod.”

He urged the people of Sool to come to the negotiation table and state all their grievances in a constructive way. He confirmed that the government was ready to listen to them.

The minister told the people of Sool that they share many things with the rest of the country hence they should not isolate themselves.

He said other communities of Somaliland love the people of Las Anod, and should not think otherwise.


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