Dahabshil Group has provided financial support to the community in Somaliland and Turkey


The Dahabshil Group company became the first to provide financial support for the communities in the country and abroad, last week, as part of their vision to partake and assist whenever needs arises.

Last week, Dahabshiil Group donated $200,000 to the displaced community in Lasanood. The donation, which includes food and blankets, will be distributed by company officials and local residents.

Similarly, In light of the devastating earthquake in Turkey, Dahabshiil Group has donated two million Turkish Lira to AFAD as part of our solidarity with the Türkiye government and the people.

The financial support Dahabshiil company offered to the community isn’t new but is a tradition of the company in relief supports during crises; and always expect the company to take a prominent role in dealing with it.




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