Somaliland clerics call for a ceasefire in Lasaanod


By M.A.Egge

The country’s clerics have called on the government and its adversaries to make a ceasefire and resolve the conflict through dialogue and a peaceful solution.

In a meeting of Togdeer region’s clerics who held a meeting Friday night in the city of Burao as a call of their duties, issued a statement announcing five points regarding the ongoing war in the city of Lasaanod, and called for a general meeting of all the country’s scholars.

  1. The scholars of Togdeer region have called on the warring parties in the city of Lasanod, with the government taking the lead in declaring a unilateral ceasefire.
  2. They called on all stakeholders of/in the Sool region to come together for a dialogue and give the intellectuals a chance to achieve a sustainable solution to the problem of the Sool region.
  3. They called on the country’s scholars to gather in a national conference, so that they can participate in finding a lasting solution and peace in the Lasa’an issue.
  4. They called on the diaspora, or all those within the country to refrain from catalyzing the conflict by posting inflammatory items in main and social media, cautioning them against sacrilegious and ungodly actions.
  5. They called on the larger Somali peoples wherever they are and Somaliland to greatly help the people who were displaced by the war in the city of Lasanod, and also to help the poor people.


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