New Mayor Changes the Face of Hargeisa- Eng Abdikadar Abdilahi


Following many years of neglect and brazen corruption by directors and county officials the city of Hargeisa status had deteriorated and most of its infrastructure was in shambles.

Not until the election of a new mayor, has the city acquired a semblance of sanity.

As the adage goes new broom sweep clean, the city of Hargeisa is experiencing tremendous face lift thanks to Mayor Abdikarim Ahmed Moge.

Immediately upon taking the mantle of office the new youthful Mayor sprung into action to stop the culture of endemic corruption and land grabbing by public officials.

Norms of council staff and directors stealing tax payers monies have been curtailed.

The new Mayor has put systems in place to counter misappropriation of funds by corrupt and overzealous council employees.

He has paved many depalitated roads and constructed new ones.

Mayor Abdikarim has also renovated old council buildings and constructed modern state of the art office blocks for the city council.

He has equipped and furnished new offices with state of the art equipment.

The new Mayor has also sacked many corrupt officials.

The city of Hargeisa, infrastructure was in ruins, potholes and decay of important amenities was the order of the day.

Hargeisa was an eyesore following many years of neglect

Since Somaliland regained back her independence from Somalia the country capital has had four mayors, of all the incumbent is unique in many ways.

A man of a few words and action Abdikarim Ahmed Moge, is the son of a former freedom fighter Ahmed Moge.

Adored by the electorate and loathed by foes of progress the mayor has asserted his power for the development of the city.

From the outset of his tenure Mr.Abdikarim has formulated new concepts of how the city ought to be run.

He has appointed experts to survey and map the city boroughs for current and future urban plans.

A master plan to decongest the central business district is already being implemented.

Small scale traders encroaching the city streets and thoroughfares have been relocated to new modern markets.

To sum it up, the new Mayor is an inspiration to youths and his accomplishment are outstanding.

He has simply become a monumental example for our generation to emulate.

By: Senior Engineer Abdikadar Abdillahi Ali Noor







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