City Mayor hails the President as being the key to Local Government Institute establishment


The Mayor of Hargeisa Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Moge said that it is the President who has greatly been behind the success of the implementation and establishment of new Local Government Institute (LGI) in Hargeisa.

He gave the sentiments at the ceremony of inaugurating the institution on Saturday by the Head of State, a function that was attended by top government officials.

Mayor Abdikarim thanked the president for opening the new government institute for training local councils employees.

He revealed that it was the President’s words of wisdom and motivation that helped him to complete the construction and refurbishment of the new Local Government Institute.

The mayor acknowledged that upon assumption of office from the former administration of mayor Aideed the president counselled him to ensure the training and skills development of city councils staff needed enhanced to higher levels.

He said that since the inception of association of local councils many changes to the positive has been constant, since it opened new avenues for cooperation and sharing of development information and implementation of joint programs.

Mayor Abdikarim pledged that he would steer the city council to new higher levels. He said that he hopes in the near future the Local Government Institute would transform to a fully fledged University.

He informed the president that during the Waheen fire disaster the local councils association in the country contributed more than one million dollars to assist the victims of the fire inferno recover from their loses.

He said, “Mr. President I’m proud to inform you that the association of local councils contributed a half a million dollars for the construction of this Institute. Hargeisa city council donated the land and also relocated some residents to other environ of the city”.

He revealed that the local councils association will fund the running of the institutions to a tune of 210 thousand dollars.


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