16th jubilee of SAGALJET: an event that shared motivational public praise


SAGALJET Company, which is celebrating its 16th jubilee, has been hailed by the Somaliland community and guests of honor for their achievements.

An event was held Friday evening in Hargeisa and attended by the heads of the company and all the employees of the company government officials and other guests all congratulated the employees who won the awards, and the company as a whole since its inception and the achievements it has achieved over the years.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Hon. Shukri H. Ismail Bandare, who spoke at the event, recalled the rebuilding of the country and re-establishment of the government of Somaliland from scratch to where the nation has reached at present and the progress that has been made so far.

Minister Shukri called on the employees of the company and their heads to expand their efforts.

Reporter Abdisalan Hereri, who made a speech, congratulated all the operators who won the awards, and said, “The company has been in existence for 16 years, and we are congratulating them 16 times.”

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Apart from the efforts and history of the company, many speakers described it as an example of change and progress that is worth being put in journals of achievements.

The chairman of Sagal Jet Abdi Yusuf Aar who spoke at the award event said that the company appreciated its workforce for their diligence.

While talking about the history of the company’s work, Chairman Abdi said that SAGAL JET was the first private printing company that started in the country in 2007. In the years 2008 and 2009, however, he said, was difficult for printing companies to find designer professionals in the country.

He revealed not only is he interested in the work improvement of the employees but also has a great desire to improve their welfare, by sharing their joys or sorrows.

This is a rare leadership skill in this part of the world.

He thanked all the employees of Sagal Jet, and especially congratulated them for their awards’ achievments.

Chairman Aar similarly raised the best staffer of the whole company in 2022 Zubeir Abdi Ali, and the girl who won in the cleaning and hygiene team Ikraan Mohamed Ahmed.

SAGALJET pens on its website: “Compliments to everyone who won tonight, everyone who attended tonight’s event, thank you. Together we will work for the future by Allah’s Will.




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