The President calls on Lasanod community to support the security agencies in ending killings


He sends his condolences to all the relatives and appealed to the people of Lasanod

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi spoke strongly against the spate of frequent killings of notable personalities in Lasanod, the capital of Sool region.

The Head of State mourned the latest victim, the late Abdifatah Abdilahi Abdi (Hadrawi), and condoled next of kin, family members and relatives upon his death in the hands of assailants who gunned him down on Monday evening.

The Head of state was further distressed by the death of three more victims who perished in an incident of skirmishes and riots the following day in the same town, which also saw nine injuries.

He said that the “young scholar, the late Abdifatah Abdilahi Abdi was killed by the enemy of Somaliland, and it was a distressing incident for the community of the region and Somaliland as a whole”.

The President further said, “I am very distressed by the incidences and I hereby express my sadness and deep heartfelt condolences”, and continued, “it is distressing to Somaliland, and everyone is sorry for the saddening incident that happened in Lasanod consecutively on the other day and the following night”.

The president disclosed that three people lost their lives in the riots with nine others injured.

He said that it was a terribly shocking and unexpected incident hence “we share the pain and grief with all affected wherever they are”.

The President called for concerted efforts by the state and all concerned to delve into the issue of such incidences and bring it to a halt.

He decried the spate of killings that has been targeting eminent personalities for quite a while.

The President precisely appealed to the residents of Lasanod, the youth, the intellectuals etc to be wary of distracting enemies who want to sow seeds of discords amongst the populaces.

He called on the authorities of the Sool region and the administration of the Lasanod district to work urgently and in a concerted manner to end the problem in the area hence having both the state and the people lead in the onslaught against the culprits, and the government and the public should unite to end the targeting of the people of Sool.


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