The members of society and traditional leaders must collaborate with the state to address rape crimes, urges Minister Kahin


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed was categorical that the government through the police force and the judiciary were diligently committed to combating rape cases in the country, but lamented that complacency on the part of the members of the society and the traditional leaders was inhibiting the efforts.

Minister Kahin gave the observations while he addressed the occasion of World Human Rights Day.

He noted that this year there were 42 cases that have seen the arrests of 240 out of the 280 suspects in the cases hence 40 are still at large.

He said that the data indicates that the government is diligent and is adhering to the priority policies of the KULMIYE party which ensures the dealing with rape cases and also abuses against those with special needs and gender-related issues.

Hon. Kahin lamented that a major obstacle that hinders addressing rape issues is the members of the communities who, through their traditional leaders intervene opting for traditional means of addressing the matter to the detriment of the victims.

In this manner, the ills of rape cannot be ended at all.

He pointed out that whereas the government, the police force, and the judiciary are committed to bringing the culprits to justice, the traditional leaders’ efforts are exerted to the contrary and tangible collaboration from the populaces is absent altogether.

He called on the community to be responsibly serious and join in the concerted efforts to combat this sort of crime.


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