President appoints new minister increasing the government positions for women


By M.A. Egge

The President has made an appointment that becomes an unprecedented move increasing the number of women ministers in a single cabinet to become the highest ever.

The Head of State H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has increased the number of women in his cabinet, making it the first to have the largest number of women in the government, following his latest appointment of Hon. Amina Elmi to a ministerial position.

A bulletin issued on Wednesday this week by the Somaliland presidential press the President sacked the Attorney General Hassan Ahmed Adan and the Minister of Investment and Industry Abdillahi Abdirahman Aare and replaced them with:-

  1. Abdirahman Jama Hayan Horri as the new Attorney General, and
  2. That Amina Elmi Farid Beded as the Minister of Investment Development and Industry.

The appointments took effect immediately.

The decree issued thus makes four female members of the Cabinet of Ministers, two ministers and two deputies minister, being the highest number at one time in the country’s history.

Women also occupy high posts in the civil service as the deputy chair if the civil service commission, leading whole ministries as directors general to posh departmental head portfolios.


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