Minister Kore reiterates the need for upholding patriotism and safeguarding peaceful stability and unity


By M.A Egge

The Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali (Koore), has again reiterated the prioritization of safeguarding peaceful stability and upholding patriotism by maintaining unity and solidarity.

The minister urged the nation by expressing the sentiments at a graduation ceremony for students in Hargeisa on Wednesday 16th November 2022.

He underscored the importance of defending a nation by all means possible for the viability of nationhood.

“A nation is not always defended by weaponry but can be defended through the power of knowledge, the pens or other probable avenues available”, said Hon. Suleiman.

He emphasized the importance of security and governance for the people as a nation and urged concerted efforts that the people of Somaliland must constantly make to defend their country.

“When you defend your country through maintaining security and peaceful stability or participating in clean-ups, it is a patriotic contribution to nationhood”, he said.

The minister advised the students to conduct themselves responsibly and reflect the respectability that comes with education.


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