Concerted efforts by the military, area administration and elders address pastureland controversies at Balli’ad in Buuhoodle


They destroyed illegal fences and banned illegal excavations of water reservoirs

By M. A. Egge

Concerted efforts by the military personnel of the National Army, the area administration, elders and eminent personalities have jointly cleared illegally erected fences that impeded free grazing of animals on the pasturelands at Balli’ad of Widwid district in Buhoodle region.

The operations managed to quell serious controversies that has perpetually threatening security in the area. In the amicable scenario, a lot of disgruntlements was laid to rest.

Following a meeting of stakeholders in the area, over a dozen illegally excavated water reservoirs and fences impeding free-range grazing were destroyed and associated bottlenecks addressed.

At the same time they ordered the immediate desisting from returning to the same, hence stop forthwith logging of trees to burn charcoal.

The joint operations carried out by the 135th battalion of the National Army, the elders, the intellectuals, the community members and the administration of Widwidh district.

Following the prohibitions, residents were warned that no water wells would be excavated without prior permission from the stakeholders.


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