Crucial JPLG conference comes to a close


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed said that he expected the JPLG programme to have its projects reach everywhere in the country.

The minister gave the sentiments at the close of a two-day conference which was earlier opened by the VP at Ambassador Hotel and was attended by the Mayors of the country, International Organizations, the umbrella of the JPLG Project and the line ministries that are part of the Decentralization Project.

The meeting focused on the review evaluation of implemented programmes as well as plan for the year 2023. They analyzed issues while pinpointing the important issues that have been implemented in the plan that is ending this year and the projects for the year 2023 of the Local Government Decentralization Administration in the country.

Hon. Kahin who closed the meeting thanked the audience for their participation.

He gave an in-depth report on the stages of the JPLG project, noting that it started in Somaliland in 2008 with only two districts, and today it is expected to reach 23 electoral districts. The minister thanked the Institutions supporting the Local Government Decentralization project.



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