Traditional Elders of Sool Region Participate in Peace Workshop


By Guleid Maher

The governor of Sool region Mr. Abdikarim Adam Haji Diriye organized a peace and conflict resolution workshop for traditional elders of Sool region.

The seminar was conducted at the Sool Regional Headquarters in Las’anod town.

Addressing the participants at meeting venue the governor stated that the seminar would play an important role to assist in peace development and conflict resolution between different communities who are residents of the province.

He commended  the intellectuals, elders and leaders of Sool for attending the meeting.

Governor Abdikarim confirmed that local NGO known as Academy for Peace and Development was implementing various projects in the region to promote peace and conflict resolution.

The provincial governor said, “I take this precious opportunity to thank Academy for Peace and Development officials for their input. They will implement different peace development and conflict resolution projects. The project will take some time. They will start by engaging the two communities that have been in conflict to find a lasting resolution.”

He revealed that Academy for Peace and Development was ready to fund the peace initiative between the warring communities.

The regional executive urged the participants to brainstorm and engage the two communities to reach a peaceful conflict resolution.

He prayed to Almighty Allah to ease the burden and help the region coexist peacefully.


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