The KULMIYE party submits to the Political Organizations Registration Commission the requirements of Rule 14


By M.A.Egge –

The ruling KULMIYE party officially submitted to the Commission for the Registration of Political Organizations and the Approval of National Parties the documents and conditions required by Law 14/2011 for the three existing parties to have a chance get to participate in vying for the elections of political organizations and parties that are expected to take place in the country.

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The constitution specifies that the top three to emerge from amongst the field of the race will thus be legible to compete in the presidential election of Somaliland and thence be the legally required official political parties.


The senior leaders of the KULMIYE party, including the 1st Deputy Chairman of the party, who is the Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the 2nd Deputy Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Abdi Hussein (Ahmed Abdi-deere), the 4th Deputy Chairman who is also the Minister of Trade and Tourism, Hon. Mohamud Hassan Saad (Saajin), the General Secretary of the party, Mr. Faisal Abdirahman Madar, the Governor of Marodi-jeeh, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Jama (Hadhiye) and Mr. Abdikarin Ahmed Mohamed from the party’s executive Committee who is also the Chairman of the National Agency for Refugees and Displaced Persons, were at hand at  to witness the presentation.

They submitted a document containing the requirements that Regulation 14/2011 instructs the existing political parties to submit such that they may be legible to enter the elections as contestants.

The officials of the KULMIYE party gave the Chairman and members of the Registration Committee details related to the various requirements noting that the reason they were complying with the rules and regulations as per the specified laws the country.


The Chairman of the Registration Committee for Political Organizations and National Parties, Mr. Syed Mohamed Ilmi (Siradle), welcomed the leaders of the KULMIYE party who submitted the requirements, and pointed out that they paved the way for the implementation of the election of organizations and political parties.


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