The New General Secretary of Kulmiye Party Assumes Office

By M.A. Egge
The First Deputy Chairman of KULMIYE who is the Minister of Internal
Affairs of Somaliland, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, graced the occasion
in which the new Secretary of the party was taking over the office.
A brief ceremony was held today at the headquarters of the KULMIYE
party for the handover which Hon. Kahin supervised.
It was similarly attended by top party leaders and stalwarts including
the second Deputy chairman Mr. Ahmed Abdi Hussein, 3rd Deputy Mr.
Hussein Aden Adde, the 4th Deputy, who is the Minister of Trade and
Tourism Hon. Mohamud Hassan Saad (Saajin), Chairman of the Central
Committee of the party, who is the Deputy Minister of Animal Husbandry
Hon. Mohamud Jama Warfaa, Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of
the party Mr. Ali Mohamed Ali, Secretary of the National Women’s Wing
Miss. Sahra Saleeban Awil.
Others were Minister of Agricultural Development Hon. Abdiqadir Iman
Warsame and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education Hon.
Abdihakin Saeed Bustale, Chairman of the Good Governance Commission
Mr. Liban Ismail Burale, Chairmen of KULMIYE party in Maaroodi-jeh,
Togdeer and Sanaag Regions, members of the Central and Executive
Councils of the party, the head of the party, the youth wing and other
The former secretary of the KULMIYE party Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Raabbi,
who made a brief speech at the handover ceremony, said that he
welcomed the new Secretary General, noting that the handover is part
of the official and democratic processes within the KULMIYE party.
He also thanked the general leadership of KULMIYE for working
together, first of all the President, who is the chairman of the
party, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi and members of the senior leadership of the
The new secretary who took office Mr. Faisal Abdirahman Madar, on his
part, thanked the former Secretary for handing over the position and
how the leadership, activists and supporters of the party welcomed him
to the position entrusted to him by the Chairman of the party.
Mr. Faisal has promised that he will put a lot of effort into
fulfilling his duties, and he will concentrate on accelerating the
party’s work in preparation for the upcoming elections.
Finally, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed thanked the former secretary and
welcomed the new secretary, and said that the change of officials’
positions is a democratic practice within the party.


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