High Profile Somaliland Government Delegation Training at GIMPA


A ten-member delegation made up of Heads of some government institutions in Somaliland are currently in Ghana receiving training at GIMPA.
The delegation which was led by the Auditor General of Somaliland, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirir, will be in the country from August 15-21, 2022.
The rest of the members are Mr. Khalid Mire Nuh, Director General, Civil Service Commission, Mr. Muktar Mohamed Ali, Chairman of the Quality Control Commission (QCC), Somaliland, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Guleid, Chairman of the Tender Board, Somaliland and Mr. Liban Ismail Abdilahi, Chairman of the Good Governance Commission (GGC), Somaliland.
The others are Mr. Omer Eid Qalonbi, Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI), Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Mohamoud, Director General of the Ministry of Public Works, Land and Housing, Mr. Badri Abdilahi Mohamoud, Director, Civil Service Institute Planning & Development (Coordinator of GIMPA Training Programs), Mr. Abdikadir Kamil Ibrahim, Human Resource Director, Civil Service Institute (Trip Facilitator) and Mr. Abdi Aden Dirie, World Bank Project Coordinator.
The training is an initiative of the government of Somaliland, in collaboration with the World Bank as part of the Civil Service Strengthening Project (CSSP).
GIMPA was contracted to support the human resource and institutional capacity improvement in targeted government Ministries, Development and Agencies (MDA’s) across Somaliland.
The project further aims at strengthening various capabilities to improve civil service management at institutional, organizational and individual level.
The team will be taken through courses such as Strategic Plan Development, Public Policy, Quality Assurance and Productivity and Leadership.
The delegation was received on Monday, 15th August at the GIMPA Executive Conference Centre (GECC) by the Rector of GIMPA, Prof. Samuel Kwaku Bonsu, the Deputy Rector, Prof. Martin Morgan Tuuli, and the Secretary of the Institute, Mr. Julius Atikpui.
Prof. Bonsu gave a brief history of GIMPA from its inception to date. The Deputy Rector also provided an overview of the nature of programmes and training courses offered currently at GIMPA.
Prof. Bonsu together with his team also answered all the questions that the team had.
As part of the training, the delegation will be paying a familiarization visit to some selected institutions such as State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA), Public Procurement Authority, Parliament House, and the Ghana Civil Service Training Centre.
They will also interact with the GIMPA Academy of Leadership and Executive Training (ALET), the GIMPA Consultancy, the Academic Registrar and Academic Planning and Quality Assurance as well as the deans of the five Schools of GIMPA.
As part of the CSSP project, the Consultancy Directorate of GIMPA has also executed some activities in Somaliland. These include conducting institutional capacity assessment of the Civil Service Institute to identify and overcome gaps, weaknesses and challenges.
They also designed and developed short-term training courses on common management functions, and for the Civil Service administrative policies, rules and procedures for Somaliland civil servants.
They have also designed and developed long term training courses on human resource management, planning and policy, and public financial management for Somaliland civil service.
They have again conducted training in quality assurance capacity, curriculum development training and quality assurance assessment of CSI with trained staff.


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