Police Condemn Opposition for Flouting Directive of Peaceful Demonstrations


THT- The Somaliland Police Services has revealed that they will hold the opposition parties to account for going against the government directive to hold a peaceful protest. Speaking at police headquarters the deputy commissioner of police condemned the opposition parties for creating chaos across the country.

He revealed that the opposition supporters flouted the government directive of peaceful protest and attack the police.

He said “They were instructed to follow the rule of law but instead unleashed violence on the police. Some were armed with guns, others with machetes and all types of crude weapons.”

The police boss confirmed that 62 police officers were seriously injured by the rowdy opposition supporters.

Most of the injured policemen were based in Hargeisa, Burao, and Erigavo.

He added “In Hargeisa, 22 police officers were injured by the marauding opposition supporters. In Burao 29 policemen were hurt while in Erigavo 11 officers were harmed by the opposition demonstrators.”

The police confirmed that 21 civilians were injured in Hargeisa and 6 in Burao.

The deputy police boss confirmed three deaths, two in Hargeisa and one in Erigavo.

“We have apprehended about 100 troubles makers they will be arraigned in court soon. Their files have been forwarded to the Attorney General’s office.” Stated the police boss.

He went on to reveal that the opposition parties Wadani and UCID leaders will be held to account for all the damages caused by their supporters.




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