Praise to God, Spring rains begin, and how to take advantage


THT-Many parts of the country and the Somali region of Ethiopia have been poured spring rains, a blessing to the people, animals ^ earth too. The community needs to thank God for breaking the drought, prepare to take advantage of it.

The spring rains are reported to have started in many parts of the west, such as Tuliguled town in Ethiopia’s Somali region and Gebiley, Kalabaydh, and other areas in Sanag region.

The spring rains that started in the western parts of the country have been hailed by the ancient Somalis as a good forecast, and when the spring rains begin to fall in the western regions, it becomes a long and beneficial rain, God willing.

“Somalis used to say, when the Herer’s drink, the Qoti’s drink, then Somali’s drink…”

On the other hand, the government and people of Somaliland and Somali people in general who have been suffering from severe drought in their areas in recent times, where intensive water trucking were implemented, need to have a plan in place, and taking advantage of the onset of spring rains, and it is required;

Build a series of large dams around each valley. Make a container for everyone and each family to store water. To educate the rural people and farmers to plan reserve water and pasture while there is prosperity.

The spring rains usually started on March 21, as expected by God, until June 21, for three months.


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