Amal Bank’s new Berbera indicate their progress


 Amal Bank has folded its presence in the banking sector in the country

By: Mohamoud Walaaleye

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Hon.  Abdirahman Sheikh Hassan Ismail inaugurated a new branch Amal Bank established in Berbera, the capital of Sahil region.

Mr. Abdifatah Ismael  Dahir, Chairman of Amal Bank stated Berbera is the home of Somaliland’s economy as well as distinct civilization city,   making uncompetitive any companies not having presence.

Speaking on the banking services Amal Bank will provide the business community and  Berbera public, Chairman Mohamed said that they include a ‘Hodmiye’ thriving program for the development of women’s entrepreneurship, and ‘Dalin-kaab’ youth supporting for the youth development, and both programs are interest-free financial debts, were individuals will return after profiting.

The opening of the new branch will contribute to the increasing business opportunities and competition for public services that is favorable to the interest of the public.

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Amal Bank who has folded its presence in the banking sector in the country, and within 2 years of their inception, has bested others and   implemented effective projects for youths to encourage formation new businesses ventures, with funding for the second year in a row, a vision many cheered to the Chairman of Amal Bank Hon Abdirizak.

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Amal Bank, which has started their operations in Somaliland at the end of 2020, has opened several branches in the country so far, is expected to reach all regions of the country.


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