Minister of Finance unseals new market part Berbera Corridor project in Wajale


THT-The Minister of Finance Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire and a large delegation led by him yesterday unveiled the construction of a new marketplace being part of the Berbera Corridor projects in Tog-wajale.

Accompanied by Gebiley regional and district officials, Trade Mark East Africa officials, Wajaale Mayor, Dr. Sa’ad inspected the Berbera Corridor projects in Wajaale.

Wajale District Mayor Abdirahman, welcomed the construction of the new marketplace, said it was a long-term development for the people of Wajale, thanked HAVAYOCO, and Trade Mark for funding the project.

“When I came to the office a week later I inspected the old market, I was really shocked by the situation of the mothers were trading, with Allah grace, now they have convenient one”

Trade Mark officials pleased with the way Wajale Municipality collaborated with them, and praised improvements of marketplace small trading mother’s use

“Seeing before pictures is was really a stuck, they way some of these women were sitting was unacceptable, no sanitation, nothing, there is resting room here, sanitation now..”

The Minister of Finance, Dr. Saad Ali Shire, welcomed the construction of the new marketplace for small trading mothers and thanked everyone who contributed.

Dr Sa’ad said that the management of new marketplace construction befalls Wajaale Mayor, and needed its effective maintenance and hygiene protection

“The new marketplace project is part of different Berbera Corridor projects to be implemented in Tog-wajale, include new custom, by-pass, parking transit Trucks and industrial Zone.”

Dr Sa’ad said they wanted Tog-Wajale to become the largest commercial city in the Horn of Africa.




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