#SomalilandElections2021: Wadani Predicts Huge Win, Culminates Campaign


THT; “When this election is over the Opposition Wadani Party shall be in control of Parliament.
This was the unanimous prediction during various election rallies the party undertook nationwide.
The Wadani rallies which culminates campaigns of the Somaliland parliamentary and local Councils elections 2021, were addressed by party leaders and aspiring MPs and Councillors.

#SomalilandElections2021 l: Wadani Predicts Huge Win, Culminates Campaign
Somaliland was all Wadani party colours on the 28th May 2021

The party leader Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi “Irro” said that with a fair and free conduct of the polls of the 31st May, Wadani was assured a majority of the 82 seats of parliament and in the 23 local councils.


Irro stated this during a rally at the Wajale border town where he was flanked by his 2022 presidential running mate Mohamed Aw Ali Abdi in addition to numerous candidates.
In another rally the party’s Co-chair MP Abdiqadir Jirde reiterated the free and fair elections win for Wadani.

#SomalilandElections2021 l: Wadani Predicts Huge Win, Culminates Campaign
Abdirahman Irro leads Wadani party election 2021 campaign rally in Wajale

According to the opposition politician the 2021 anticipated win of majority seats in the Somaliland parliament and local Councils was a prelude to 2022.
MP Jirde was referring to the Somaliland presidential elections slated for 2022 in which Abdirahman Irro and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe of UCID shall challenge incumbent President Musa Bihi Abdi.

“After this election in which the ruling Kulmiye party shall relinguish the country’s political control , let them start preparing their luggage for dispatch in 2022 to homes in the very large and many pieces of land they now own” said the MP.
Similar rallies were held in all the six and 23 electoral regions and districts where party candidates gave a last pitch for votes.
This is second and last campaign for the opposition party as per the National Elections Commission- NEC six days three parties schedule.
The first was held on the 25th with similar activities as today’s undertaken nationwide.

The first ever Somaliland joint local Councils and parliamentary elections will be held on the 31st May 2021 under supervision by NEC.
There are 82 parliamentary and 249 local Councils seats at stake contested by 246 and 747 candidates respectively
The Wadani party just like competitors UCID and Kulmiye has sponsored 82 prospective members of parliament in the six electoral regions.
Similarly the Somaliland opposition party has sponsored 249 aspiring councillors representing the 23 electoral districts.
The combined total of 993 candidates in the Somaliland parliamentary and local councils 2021 Elections are after the over 1,200,000 votes to be cast at the 1642 polling stations set up and staffed nationwide by NEC.

#SomalilandElections2021 l: Wadani Predicts Huge Win, Culminates Campaign
Over 40 international observers to monitor the Somaliland parliamentary and local Councils elections 2021

To ascertain a free, fair and peaceful election exercise are over 900 local and international observers, while the Police force has seconded 7000 officers to NEC.


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