President Bihi laid foundation stone Hargeisa Bypass


THT-The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, today laid the foundation stone for a new road linking Halleya Checkpoint and Shifo Hospital 22.5km North of Hargeisa, to ease congestion in the capital Hargeisa.

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The ceremony was attended by ambassadors from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, DP World Officials, the chairman of the UCID party, Eng Faisal A Warabe, Minister of Finance Dr Saad A Shire, Members of the cabinet, Chairman of Marodi-jeex region and the Mayor of the capital, his deputy, the management of Trade Mark East Africa, and many other dignitaries, all praised the project and the importance of the road and its role in traffic and economic development.

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First, Berbera Corridor Project Manager, Eng. Issa Yusuf Mohamed (Hamari), described the new road will ease in the capital traffic congestion, and indicated that the road will have large bridges and small bridges through which water will flow, and along the road will be planted trees and protected mountains symbols of the capital (Naasa Hablood) which will be on the outskirts of the road.

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DP World Project Manager for Berbera Corridor, Mr. Angus Miller, Speaking at the event, expressed his commitment to complete this important road, adding that they have done a lot of work on the road and will do their best to complete it in 22 months.

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Eugene Torero, Director of Trade Policy at TradeMark East Africa, said:

We are grateful for the continued support by United Kingdom and the fruitful partnership with the Somaliland government which has ensured steady progress in the construction of this important road amidst many challenges.

TMEA is committed to continue implementing various initiatives, with the government, that will support Somaliland’s agenda in increasing trade not only within its borders but also with its neighbors consequently creating jobs and helping reduce poverty.

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The British Ambassador to Somalia, Kate Foster, where UK government is funding the road project, also spoke about the importance of the road to the nation of Somaliland and its role in transport, economic development and reducing traffic congestion in the capital Hargeisa.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Kate Foster  said

“We are proud to support the Hargeisa bypass, which is a crucial part of the Berbera corridor. Once this 240 km project – in coordination with our Abu Dhabi and European partners – is completed late next year, it will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by creating jobs, unlocking the region’s economic potential and ease the delivery of humanitarian supplies.

“At a time of huge challenges for Somaliland, including tackling COVID-19, this is a demonstration of the UK’s commitment to the people of Somaliland.”


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The Minister of Transport and Road Development, Mr. Abdillahi Abokor Osman, who is in charge of all road projects in the country, gave a long speech at the event, pointing out that the construction of the new road today is part of a major project in Berbera Corridor, and costs 17 Million which is specifically funded by the British government.

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The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, for his part, praised the progress and efforts underway throughout the Berbera Corridor project to build the Berbera-Wajale road which is anticipated to contribute to the country’s development, economic growth and connectivity throughout the Horn of Africa region. .

President Muse Bihi Abdi called on the business community and the people of Somaliland in general to work hand in hand to build roads and facilitate connectivity between the regions and districts of the country, and said we can build more roads. I would like to suggest to the business community and the wealthy in the country that they can build the road from Burao to Hargeisa.

“I would like to thank the UK and partners for their role in investing in Somaliland’s infrastructure to boost the economy, which will help in service delivery as well as create employment.” Somaliland President, Muse Bihi, said

The President called on politicians, intellectuals, scholars, elders, and religious leaders in Somaliland to work for the unity of the people and to prepare for free and fair elections.

Finally, the President officially laid the foundation stone for the new road, which will finished for 22 months from now on, inspecting the new road, were most of which has been paved.

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