State to Re-activate National Famine Relief Committee


THT-The 71st session of the council of cabinet meeting have directed the re-activation of the national famine relief committee tasked with the chores of mobilization for relief efforts to aid populace stricken with the on-going drought.

Chaired by the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, the cabinet also pondered on the security stability, up-coming national elections and the stepping up of the campaign against the Covid 19 pandemic.

The weekly meeting held Thursday 4th March 2021 directed that a task force be sent for a fact finding mission to palpitate the extent on intensity of the impact of the drought hence evaluate the needs of the people as far as water and basic food necessities are concerned; given the severity of the stricken areas.

The state urged the public media to stick to stipulated regulations hence impartiality and equitably disseminate information on the electioneering processes and campaigns amongst the political parties, etc.

It is worth noting that the drought and famine issues have so far been on perpetual basis been recurring hence the impact has impeded progress in every aspect.

To this extent, the cabinet noted that from now henceforth, the focus on water conservation and its drilling would have to be prioritized.

The national famine relief committee have in the past been mobilizing for concerted efforts in the sourcing for capital fundraising and associated aids and alms to alleviate the constant needs of the populace who are adversely impacted by such natural disasters perennially.

Once the fact-finding task force established the impact famine would be declared and the committee will be re-activated.

By M.A. Egge


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