Minister of Finance Holds Accountability Meeting with Departmental heads


Hargeisa- An Accountability meeting on the performance of the heads of the departments of the ministry in the last months of 2020 whether corresponding their achievement of the plan of action has been held in the ministry.

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In a meeting attended by the Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Deputy Minister Mr. Muse Ibrahim Selef Director General Mr. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan and department heads, each briefed his departments last three months from October to December last year achievements matches his target plan, if there is any shortcomings, or its completion agenda.

The Ministry of Finance, which has yearly action plan and a five-year strategic plan, or a roadmap for each department to carry out its mandate, is evaluated quarterly.

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The meeting which were discussed details of the performance of the Departments of the Ministry, have yielded positive results were each office over the past three months gained.

Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, who spoke at the meeting, underlined how accountability is important, leading to the identification of those who have fulfilled their responsibilities, and others.

Dr. Sa’ad commended the officials of the Ministry for their efforts in carrying out their duties and urged them to be prepared for the fulfillment of their duties planned by 2021.

In general, the challenges faced by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Somaliland in the last year of 2020 which have caused an economic impact are said to have been partly due to COVID-19 infection, and the burden of the locust epidemic in parts of the country, which has severely affected crop production and grazing land, on the other hand, led to a dramatic increase in costs.

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