The Chief Justice highlights judicial achievements of the past year


THT-The Chairman of the Supreme Court who is also Chairman of the National Judiciary Committee Justice Prof Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, said the total number of civil and criminal cases filed by the country courts last year was 23,810, compared to previous year which was 18456; of which 87% (19,066) had been resolved, while 13% were still pending, while detailing on the annual performance of the country’s courts for the last year 2020.

He noted that the number of cases filed in various courts in the country, and said that by 2020, the country’s courts had received 23,810 cases, including civil, criminal and lawsuits ended. There were 12,879 civil cases, 8,816 criminal cases, while 2,115 cases ended.

The Chairman said the total number of civil and criminal cases filed by the country’s courts last year was 19,066; meaning 87% had been resolved, while 13% were still pending.

The Justice said that by 2020, there has been an increase in the number of cases filed in various courts in the country.

“In the year 2019, compared to 2020, the number of cases filled has increased,” he said. The pointed out that people’s confidence in the judiciary has been increasing each year, whereby the community is now close to 90% seeking legal systems to address their issues other than the previous customary one mostly engaged”, said the Judge.

On the other hand, the chairman said that by 2020 the constructions and renovations of courthouses increased, such as in Sanaag, Dadmadeed, Gabiley and the Supreme Court and also the construction of the court of appeal in Marodi-jeeh region going to a certain point.

Speaking on the advancement of the professional development of judges, magistrates, legal clerks and other court officials in the country, the chairman noted that by 2020, 83 students with a degree and a master’s degree was offered scholarships, in collaboration with the judiciary and universities in the country, while thirteen trainings held were benefited 200 judges, aides, communicators and other judicial staff.

He also pointed out that they have accelerated the mobile courts by 2020, and said that the judges of the high court went to the regions of Somaliland, east and west every month.

He also called on the community, religious leaders and traditional elders to settle disputes through compromise, such as debt and inheritance issues, noting that the country’s judiciary is always ready to hear cases and is ready for a fair trial.

He also spoke about the challenges surrounding the judiciary, such as equipment and infrastructure, and the circumstances in which court official’s work to the point of losing their lives, citing the example of the two judges, were killed in the process of doing their duties.

He also said that great strides have been made in strengthening Somaliland’s cooperative relations with the international community, noting that the judiciary has sent judges training to close friendly nations of Somaliland in Africa and the rest of the world.

The Supreme Court has sent signals groups, institutions and parents, to prevent the problem about crimes committed by young people with finding solutions other than prison options.

Finally, The Chairman of the Supreme Court and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Republic of Somaliland, Prof Adam Haji Ali Ahmed thanked the President H.E.  Muse Bihi Abdi and Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saylici) for their significant role in alleviating the needs of the judiciary, and thanked all the judges and the workforce of Courts and commended them for their dedicated service to the community, describing them as national heroes ready for the development of their nation.

He also thanked the National Assembly and the Senate, the Police, the Custodial Corps, the Bar Association, the Human Rights Commission, civil society organizations, the media and all public and private institutions for their close cooperation with the judiciary of the Republic of Somaliland.


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