President witnesses patriotism by populace’s show of support


THT- Five-day whirlwind official trip cum meet-the-people tour covers four regions

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa- the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi made a whirlwind tour over the week that changed the hitherto assumed and definitely wrong perception of perpetual tribal affiliative politics. The show of patriotism was depicted by the populace all along places the president toured.

The Head of State made an official trip cum meet-the-people tour that saw him go to Sahil, Togdeer and Odweyne regions and culminate in a cultural heritage scenario setting at Bandar-wanaag, in Marodi-jeh region.

The President arrived at Odweyne, from Burao, to a tumultuous welcome that was dotted through with deafening ululations.

Of the note he launched the pre-natal wing of Burao hospital and opened an extension building of Burao water agency prior to visiting Odweyne.

He inaugurated the newly constructed Odweyne branch of the Central Bank.

He also visited various state installations inspecting them in evaluation and monitoring efforts hence addressed a mammoth crowd of enthusiastic audience.

The President’s entourage left Odweyne in the morning of Thursday in his week-long tour hence visited several town centers in Odweyne region such as Haahi, Bali-sugule, Hara-sheikh etc.

An ardent keeper and lover of camel farming, the President milked a she-camel at Bali-sugule while being appreciated by the staring hundreds of the residents who are camel keepers themselves.

At Hara-sheikh, where he pledged a modern equipped MHC to be put up, he visited a school that was in session and had a light moment with the teachers and students.

Multitude of residents flocked wherever he went all along the roads and centers such as Bali-Ahmed and Shaarub and up to Bender-wanaag, the climax of his visit.

A prepared dais and with its typically cultural-celebratory fencing was put up in Bender-wanaag where the President took time to listen to different personalities from the area speak at the large audience present.

Political leaders, senior government officials, traditional and contemporary leaders and other eminent personalities aired their views as to the pros and cons of issues at hand development wise.

The head of state made a passionate speech to the people that endeared himself to the local residents.

He pledged to see to it that the area get basic infrastructure and social amenities.

He noted that the prime Odweyne-Burao road that passes through the area was of vital importance hence needed to be upgraded.

This area had hitherto been shunned by past leaders.

The main thing that could be deduced from the 5 day long trip of the President’s official tour was genuine happiness that he personally emitted throughout the tour in largely what was perceived as opposition areas, which indeed in essence turned out to be patriots who loved and supported their country and their leader, and surely showed that they support and honor the President of the nation in his endeavors.


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